A Digital Currency Redeemable in Gold.

The JTCoin is a Digital Currency. Jabez Trust is committed to holding no less than 10 percent of STO funding in gold bullion reserved for redemption of coins.

Gold Redeemable currency offers capital preservation and potential appreciation that gold can provide.

Agreement have been made with a major gold repository to be the Certified Repository for the Gold held in reserve.

Agreements for up to 50% net revenue of a high value assayed deposit of precious metals is being perfected at the present time. 

A Truly Liquid Asset

Each JTCoin may be redeemeable for 1 gram of Gold, on a limited basis. JT Coins may also be exchanged for other Digital Currencies such as Ether, Bitcoin, Litecoin, or cash-equivalents in major currencies ie.USD/EURO. Our world-class wallet will use Google Authenticator for 2-Phase security.

The value of your JTcoins may grow as the market demand dictates.  JTCoins are meant to be a store of value initially, and ultimately to be used in monetary financial transactions.