JTrust Coin Minting Guidelines

gold bars

The Jabez Trust – JTrustCoin (JTC) Project 

Mint 777 thousand coins (tokens) during STO. 

Additional coins may be issued only if there is a minimum of ten percent of metals in reserve based on cash equivalent of coins issued. And if there is an increase of 10 percent or more in market price of JTrust Coin.  

There will be a Total minting of 7.77 billion coins over time. on a highly restrictive basis according to increase in coin value and Gold reserves requirements being maintained.

There will ALWAYS be a minimum of 10% of precious metals based on Coins issued price put into the vault for storage and redemption purposes.

Securitization of precious metals, gold, silver, platinum, etc. may be drawn on a limited basis for physical metal or fiat by coin holders. 

Vault metal reserves will be held by a Certified Bonded repository located initially in the USA and offshore as appropriate.

Note: Additional minting of JTCoins and variants is at the discretion of the JTrust Coin management per the strict standards in place.  

Denominations: Redemption rate

JTCoin = One gram of gold.   

Note: It is anticipated that the STO will consist of 777 thousand JTCoins at appx. $50.00 each. (Redeemable for 1 gram of gold.)